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It's a new year and a fantastic opportunity for Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owners to become a H.O.G. Namibia member. What better resolution could there be for 2021 for you to enjoy your Harley-Davidson® on an ultimate level with social events meeting like-minded riders, epic out-rides and rallies, and much more.


And if you don't own a Harley-Davidson® yet, come to your H-D Dealership in Windhoek and check out the offer. There will be certainly a cool ride waiting for you. Ask your H-D Dealership to become a H.O.G. Namibia member today.


Once you become a H.O.G. International member and a H.O.G. Namibia Chapter member, you are eligible to receive your H.O.G. eagle patch from either the Harley-Davidson Windhoek Dealership or from your H.O.G. Namibia Chapter. The H.O.G. Namibia Chapter offers a pack rider training course from time to time. Once you have attended the theoretical training course and 2 pack rides under the watchful eyes of our Marshals, you are eligible to receive the H.O.G. Namibia Chapter Rocker patch and wear it with pride. The Chapter Rocker patch remains the property of the H.O.G. Namibia Chapter and should be returned upon termination of your local Chapter affiliation. We take great pride in riding in a safe and conscious manner and hence expect our members to behave in such a way when wearing their colours.





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Drop by our dealer showroom in Windhoek at 12 Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Street, and chat to Guilliaume, Maree and Mona about your motorcycle needs.


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