Repeating Saturday or Sunday outrides to different locations, ending usually with a last drink at the Old Wheelers Club (OWC) in Windhoek. Enjoy a relaxed morning outride with like-minded riders, for breakfast or just a coffee.

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Now that we're meeting up in person, it's the perfect time Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owners to become a H.O.G. Namibia member. Enjoy your bike on an ultimate level with social events meeting like-minded riders, epic out-rides and rallies, and much more.


Sat, 01-Oct-2022
Old Wheelers Club, Windhoek

Day of the Old Wheeler

The Day of the Old Wheeler is an annual event held by the Old Wheelers Club.

We would like to invite all to come join us for a day of fun, laughter and display of vintage vehicles.

Sat, 20-Aug-2022 to Sun, 21-Aug-2022
Sat, 13-Aug-2022 to Sun, 14-Aug-2022

Bookings @ Maltahohe Hotel

Sat, 03-Sep-2022
Old Wheelers Club, Windhoek

Our Charity of Choice

Sat, 10-Sep-2022 to Sun, 11-Sep-2022

Support our Dealership!

Drop by our Dealer showroom in Windhoek at 12 Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Street, and chat to Guilliaume about your motorcycle needs.


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