Contact us

Basie Oosthuizen
Phone +264 81 124 1120



Assistant Director:
Manfred Manchen
Phone +264 81 122 2742

Grant Muller
Phone +264 81 141 2727



Mona Kleinschmidt
Phone +264 81 241 5758



Dunja Manchen
Phone +264 81 127 7396



H-D Dealership:
Guilliaume Kruger
Phone +264 61 373 500




Director: Basie Oosthuizen
Secretary: Mona Kleinschmidt
Treasurer: Dunja Manchen
H-D Dealership: Guilliaume Kruger

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Drop by our showroom in Windhoek, and chat to Dealer Principal Ekko Eisenberg, General Manager Guilliaume Kruger, and our friendly team Maree, Chesley, Heiko and Mona.

Our inviting daily Bistro run by Chimelle will surely make you want to come back for more.

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