How to become a member of H.O.G. Namibia Chapter.

Join our local Namibia Chapter to open up a world of opportunity for riding with like-minded locals who are known for their incredible dedication to charities. It’s fun and a great way to meet fellow Harley enthusiasts. But the fun doesn’t need to stay local. H.O.G.® members from all over the world are invited to attend H.O.G.® events and activities throughout the year across the globe. Some focus on the riding, others enjoy the entertainment. No matter the purpose, H.O.G.® members always have a great time. Most events feature a famous parade, and H.O.G.® members can get preferential pricing and guaranteed rally packs at some events.

And more than that, a membership with H.O.G.® Namibia lets you qualify for exclusive member pins and patches, special activity-related merchandise, safe rider skill programs and access to the H.O.G.® quarterly magazine. Our chapter is run by our own members and sponsored by the authorized Harley-Davidson® Windhoek dealership.

In order to become a H.O.G.® Namibia Chapter member, you first need to become an international member. Please visit, create a log in and follow the international membership process. Here you will also receive your international membership number, which is also valid for your Namibian H.O.G.® membership registration.

There are four types of membership. Full or Full Life members must own a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Associate membership is designed for the passenger or family member of a Full or Full Life member.

    All the benefits and services of the Harley Owner Group®. A one-year full membership is included with the purchase of a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.
    All of the benefits of Full membership, including a special Life member patch and pin.
    Select benefits for friends or loved ones of Full members. Every Associate member must have a sponsoring full member.
    All the benefits of an Associate member, plus a special Life member patch and pin. Every Associate member must have a sponsoring Full Life member.

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable and valid for one full year, except the life memberships. Remember to carry your membership card to events and rallies.

Visit to create your profile and get started today!

Contact our H.O.G.® Secretary at +264 61 373500 for more information or assistance in becoming a H.O.G.® member.

H.O.G. Namibia Benefits for 2021

  • Training – First Aid, Pack Rider, Basic Rider Skills and Advanced Rider Skills courses
  • Outrides – Copper Ass, Knobelrun and Pokerrun, Otjiwarongo Games, Witvlei Schlachtefest
  • Rallies – N$100.00 discount on registration fee for the Mini Skeleton Coast Rally
  • Dinners – AGM, One-Nighter in Toshari
  • Accommodation Discounts – Footprints Guesthouse, Deutsche Haus Hotel and Sam's Giardino
  • Other Discounts – Super Tyres


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